Real ID laws are a back door to adult vaccine mandates across the U.S., experts say

While the pro-vaccine mainstream media is busy trying to convince the masses to willingly inject themselves with Big Pharma’s toxic vaccine cocktails, the Deep State is marching towards total vaccine tyranny — starting with stamping out free speech, and ending with vaccine mandates. And this isn’t just a theory; pro-liberty experts have just uncovered a startling truth: The Real ID Act of 2005 has already created a “backdoor” to vaccine mandates for adults in the United States.

This is bad news for anyone who believes in freedom and a person’s right to making their own decisions regarding their medical care. The Deep State is trampling all over the Constitution in an effort to gain more power, no doubt in a last-ditch effort to usurp control of the American people.

What is Real ID?

In a recent episode of The Highwire With Del Bigtree, Dr. Robert Scott Bell shared some startling information about Real ID laws: They can be used to create a “backdoor” to mandatory vaccine laws.

The Real ID Act of 2005 is a federal government mandate which has a direct effect on how states issue forms of identification, such as drivers’ licenses.

As Dr. Bell contends, Real ID is the result of post-9/11 fears about safety and security. But now that a growing number of people are waking up to the dangers of vaccines, it appears that Real ID may soon be used against the public for a more clandestine purpose. Fear, Bell posits, is a very powerful motivator — but it is also a very powerful tool, and in the wrong hands, can easily be used to control people.

In the wake of 9/11, Dr. Bell recalls, Americans were willing to give up some of their freedom for better protection from the government.

Real ID paves the way to vaccine mandates

Fear ultimately led to the adoption of policies like the Real ID Act, which would see the linking of biometric data to drivers’ licenses and other types of identification. If states failed to comply, residents would be barred from entering federal buildings, boarding planes and more. While America wanted to be safe, many were concerned about the ramifications of such legislation.

“Under the Real ID — and this was passed in 2005, although it kept getting delayed because there has been push-back from the states and the people, it’s another unfunded mandate — and even worse, it ties biometric data, it ties your Social Security number, into your ID. And it’s not just a United States thing, it goes through Interpol and other international organizations.”

So, the Real ID Act actually makes American citizens less secure — and that is not the worst of it. As Dr. Bell explains, under the Real ID Act, the Department of Homeland Security has the power to expand what rules and laws apply to Real ID, without approval or oversight from Congress.

“In other words, we can see an expansion to limiting your ability to travel if you, get this, are not fully vaccinated. Tie this into the Real ID, tie it into the Healthy People 2020 mandates where they’re looking to go in to adult mandates for vaccination,” Dr. Bell contends further.

Dr. Bell has spoken out about the potential threat such ominous laws will present to freedom on many occasions. Bell has also called out the mainstream media’s blatant complicity in the deep state’s attack on freedom, as well as the social media purge of pro-health freedom content, as tools of a grander agenda to help ensure pro-vaccine dogma rules.

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